Welcome to Albion’s The Changemakers Series where we talk to the individuals who choose to dedicate themselves to driving change in organisations, often at great personal sacrifice and for little reward. We’ll find out what motivates them, and if they’re wired differently or if could anyone learn the secrets to their success?



Roundtable #1

How did you become a changemaker
and what makes you tick?

With Jenny Burns, Jonathan Carrier, Julia Groves and Jesper With-Fogstrup


“I just can’t help myself, I’ve tried to change every company I’ve ever worked at!”


Change is often viewed with fear and suspicion in large businesses, as it has become synonymous with redundancies and downsizing. This means that the changemaker is often an outsider, which can be painful. “At times I have felt lonely and that’s quite hard for an extrovert but you have to remind yourself it’s for the greater good,” says Jenny Burns.


Meet the changemakers

  “When you’re borndifferent you don’t aspire to be like others”   Julia Groves  Downing

“When you’re born different you don’t aspire to be like others”

Julia Groves


“I always want to be out in front”

Jesper With-Fogstrup


changemakers 2.png

“I act based on data and a big dollop of instinct”

Jenny Burns


changemakers 1.png

“As I get older, my ambitions get bolder”

Jonathan Carrier